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The discovery that a child has a rare disease and Autism, has profound effects on the family. In 'The Unplanned Journey', Fara will share the insights that she has gained through her own experience of having a child with a rare disease in addition to Autism.

No parent wants his or her child to be sick, disabled, or harmed in any way. It is not an experience anyone expects to have; rather, it is a journey that is unplanned. The terrain parents must travel is often rough in places, and yet, she is able to find the strength within herself and among her circles of support to adapt to and handle the challenges that may accompany her child’s illness or disability.

"I have learned, and grown, more since Ashraf's birth than any other time in my life. I learn patience, and I get to witness miracles that I otherwise would have been too busy to have noticed. I learn acceptance, I realize I have been wrong to judge, and I learn that there is a thing called unconditional love," - Faraliza Zainal.

About our Human Library

Fara Zainal, is the founder and Director of Learning and Development of ‘MIJ Special Education Hub’. Her eldest son, 19 years old who was diagnosed with Autism and Tuberous Sclerosis was the one who has inspired her to establish MIJ Special Education Hub, Ashraf's Cafe and MoAsh by AC. Ashraf's Cafe and MoAsh provide employment for individuals with special needs. She also started an inclusive youth group called 'Friends of Ashraf' with the objective to cultivate understanding, kindness and responsibility while ensuring a caring and inclusive community.

Prior to this, she was the Regional Training Manager with Dow Jones International, overseeing the Asia Pacific region team. She had trained government, corporate, financial institutions and higher institutions. Prior to her work as the Regional Training Manager, she has had work experienced with COMAT Training Services, Bernama News Agency and Reuters News Agency. She is a certified trainer obtained from the Singapore Institute of Management who has vast training experience for over 18 years.

About Acting Up
In a bid to raise funds for mental health causes at Acting Up, our Youth Beneficiaries and Community Partners are stepping out of shadows and onto an online platform to share personal experiences of recovery. Exploring themes such as drug addictions, social struggles and mental health afflictions, our youth aim to debunk the myth of a "beautiful" recovery, and share how struggles can be managed by every tiny success. "Readers" have an opportunity to interact, ask questions and affirm our youths during the discussion forums. Each session will be moderated by staff from Acting Up. Come journey with us as we trudge through tough times together.

Acting Up is a social enterprise that provides therapeutic follow up for youth at no cost to them. We are not funded by any organizations and rely fully on our workshop and courses to fund our projects and initiatives. Acting Up works with fellow community partners to provide employment, guidance and mentorship for youth in need. In turn, our Youth reach out to others in need through social projects.

Covid19 has hit us hard, resulting in an inability to sufficiently support our youth beneficiaries in the programmes for and by them. In a bid to raise funds, we are sharing our personal stories of recovery, with the hopes of reaching out to the community as well as raising funds to continue our youth mental health projects.

We would appreciate any amount of donation to ensure no young person is left behind during tough times. Kindly contact Jung Tou at admin@actingupsingapore.com if you like to make a donation.

Fri Aug 21, 2020
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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